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Decisions, Decision- How to Hang Your Artwork

Posted by Kathleen Ross on


Now that you have that awesome artwork in front of you, you might be re-thinking your original display plan. If you are thinking about what to do and want some inspiration, you are not alone. It can be difficult to decide exactly how to display artwork that looked beautiful on the internet or in a gallery, but when it came to your home, didn’t look or feel the same. Remember, though, you chose the artwork for a reason. It probably wasn’t random, even if you can’t articulate why it mattered to you at the time. Art resonates with us on a deep level and it can take time to unravel its meaning.

It’s important to note that artwork is a reflection of your style and personality. The choices you make share can tell a story about your aesthetic philosophy, your perspective on real world events and history, or even your position on culture, religion, and literature. When you chose your artwork, you may have simply felt compelled by it in some way. In all cases, the way you display your artwork should honor your decision to support the arts. It’s an honor to have you in the art world!

When you display your artwork in a pleasing way, it will bring you great satisfaction. Every time you see your display, you will feel that you made a good decision because, generally speaking, a well designed exhibit has that effect. This is particularly true when the collector is the viewer. When you get the opportunity to share your collection with others, it’s delightful to see how others can find their own way to connect with the artwork. 

So, if you you are looking for ideas about how to hang your artwork, check out the articles included here. They are sure to get you started towards an excellent wall display!

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