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The Life of an Artwork

Posted by Kathleen Ross on

How to Prolong the Life of Your Artwork 

Buying a work of art is a long term investment, so it makes sense that people want to ensure that the work is protected. Framing two dimensional work with a reputable framing company is a great way to display work and protect it at the same time. It is always appropriate to ask about the archival standards the framer guarantees when investing in this service. Archival framing and storage of your artwork will protect it from the damages of heat, pollution, and moisture. To make sure your artwork continues to retain its beauty and quality, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 
It’s important to note that heat and atmospheric pollutants are serious concerns but there are more subtle factors to consider when storing artwork. These include adhesives that induce degradation over time and sulphur compounds produced by materials like rubber and wood, which can initiate fading and instability. To this end, ensure your prints are stored in archival materials.
These include

  • archival acetate sleeves
  • archival storage boxes made from acid free conservation board

Make sure to store artwork in a suitable place away from fluctuating temperatures and potentially high humidity conditions.
places to avoid include:

  • attics
  • basements
  • next to outside walls where condensation frequently occurs

Plan on checking your stored boxes now and then to ensure they are free from pests, moisture, dust and are in good condition.