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Remember When You Used to Like Art?

Posted by Kathleen Ross on

“Remember when you used to like Art?”

In my work as an artist educator, I discovered that many people remember art class was one of their favorite classes. Students look forward to this class and like looking at all kinds of artwork. So, what happens once people leave school? Why do people disengage with the art world? 

Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s just that there isn’t relatable material out there. I’m not sure, but if you look at who gets represented in museums and galleries, that might offer a clue. Right now, the majority of mainstream museums and galleries display artwork made by white men. This wouldn’t be a problem if the doors were open to more kinds of artists. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

This leaves many talented artists with few options other than representing  themselves or creating alternative alliances with their peers. While this is a more difficult path, we do it because we know that Art is an important part of our culture. 

If you find it hard to imagine buying art, maybe you think it’s out of reach. The word, “elite” is often associated with the art world, and for good reason. Art institutions don’t always serve the communities around them, Art is expensive, and the people aren’t always accessible. Access plays a role in who values art and who doesn’t. When it comes down to it, most people actually like art. In fact, there are affordable options to purchase original and limited edition prints from living artists.

In this era of uncertainty, we do have much to worry about. It might seem out of reach to buy a work of art. But, sometimes beauty or inspiration is just the remedy we need. 

I hope that by making my own artwork accessible to more people that I can help people remember when they used to love art.