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Healing Mini Bead Trio

Healing Mini Bead Trio


A trio of bracelets to provide healing and serenity in your life. You will receive 3 bracelets made with 4mm high-quality stones along with a small silver colored zinc alloy bead and strung on elastic cord.

Bracelet 1 - Amethyst helps calm the mind and ease anxiety, provides peace on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Supports the Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Bracelet 2 - Cloud Quartz is very grounding and supports the Root Chakra, centers your energy and removes distractions and negativity.

Bracelet 3 - Porcelain Jasper, Amethyst, and Cloud Quartz - Porcelain Jasper is a powerful healing stone and calms and soothes. It also enhances creativity, confidence and self-esteem. Porcelain Jasper supports the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras.