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Kathleen Ross| Color Is Life

Kathleen Ross| Color Is Life


Kathleen Ross. Color is Life. 2019Giclée Print. 

  • Open Edition Prints: Matted & Framed-16” x 12”
  • 100 Each Limited Edition Prints: Unframed-18.6”x 24.6” & 16.1” x 21.3”
  • 50 Each Special Edition Prints: Framed Art Prints/ Thick Stretched Canvas/ Framed Canvas-24” x 20”

In this image, two male figures wear hats and formal jackets The color scheme is analogous, with an emphasis on pure, bright, colors. Of note, is the light, glowing blue on the masked figure on the right and of the hat on the figure to the left. This color scheme brings to my mind the essence of a bar or club where all kinds of people intermingle. The masked man hides his identity and therefore takes away the viewers ability to determine his socioeconomic status.

Open Edition Prints/$105-$120

Limited Edition Prints/$175-$260

Special Edition Prints/$347-$425

Fine Art Paper Prints-16” x 12" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Presentation Mat Folder - White - 4 ply

Framed Art Prints-16” x 12" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added- 

Frame: Italian Prime 3/4" Matte Black/ 18 x 14" Single Mat: Snow White-18” x 14" (window: 16 x 12")Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Premium Clear

Limited Edition Prints-Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Unframed. 


Framed Art Prints-24” x 20" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added/Frame:Black-28 x 22" Bottom Mat: Off White-28” x 22" (window: 24 x 18")-Top Mat: Silver Ghost -28 x 22" (window: 25 x 19")/Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control

Thick Stretched Canvas-24 x 20" Matte Canvas Thick Stretched & Mounted Professional Taped Backing

Framed Canvas-24” x 20” Matte Canvas Thick Stretched and Mounted/Frame: Gallery Float/Floater Black 2 (324940)-24 x 20"