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Kathleen Ross| Me Too Many Times

Kathleen Ross| Me Too Many Times


Kathleen Ross. Me Too Many Times. 2020Giclée Print. 

  • Open Edition Prints: Matted & Framed-11” x 14”
  • 100 Each Limited Edition Prints: Unframed-/11.4”x14” & 16.4” x 20”
  • 50 Each Special Edition Prints: Framed Art Prints/ Thick Stretched Canvas/ Framed Canvas-18” x 24"

A female figure in pink sunglasses and hair is overlaid on a shooting target. Fashion and the 2nd Amendment collide with feminism and misogyny. The question is, who is the target? Somebody drew hearts in the raindrops on a window at the Art Museum and I spontaneously took a photo of it. When I saw the image, the hearts were dripping away already, and I started thinking about how quickly we forget or “mis-remember” the past. Then I thought about the way women in the “Me Too” Movement had been forced to repress their experiences through non-disclosure agreements, fear of losing their jobs, or just shame. The image of a woman with pink hair and sunglasses pointing a gun back at the viewer is an alteration of an existing shooting target. By combining the image with the hearts, I hope to show that memories of gender aggression linger and change us. The woman symbolizes power and the gun symbolizes fighting back or consequences.

Open Edition Prints/$105-$120

Limited Edition Prints/$125-$150

Special Edition Prints/$325-$425

Fine Art Paper Prints-11” x 14" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Presentation Mat Folder - White - 4 ply

Framed Art Prints-

11” x 14" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame: -13” x 16"-Single Mat: Snow White-11 x 14" (window: 8 x 10)-Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Premium Clear


Limited Edition Prints-Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Unframed. 

Framed Art Prints-18 x 24" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame: 22” x 28"-Bottom Mat: Off White-22” x 28" (window: 18 x 24) Top Mat: Snow White-22” x 28" (window: 19” x 25") Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control

Thick Stretched Canvas- 18 x 24" Matte Canvas Thick Stretched & Mounted Professional Taped Backing

Framed Canvas-18 x 24" Matte Canvas Thick Stretched and Mounted/Frame: Gallery Float/Floater Black 2-18 x 24"