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Kathleen Ross| Speak

Kathleen Ross| Speak


Kathleen Ross. Speak. 2019Giclée Print. 

  • Open Edition Prints: Matted & Framed-12” x 15”
  • 100 Each Limited Edition Prints: Unframed-/16” x 20” & 19.4” x 24.3”
  • 50 Each Special Edition Prints: Framed Art Prints/ Thick Stretched Canvas/ Framed Canvas-18” x 24"

An image of a white rabbit in three quarter view stands on its hind legs filling nearly half of the left side of the composition. It is set against a dark background, with clouds of smoke rising up from its feet, and facing a reflection of a ghost image of itself on the right side of the composition. This work was inspired by The Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust by Eve Bunting and the poem by Martin Niemöller, “First they came for the socialists...and I did not speak out...” I chose this image to symbolize the harbinger in both situations- the witnesses who were too afraid to speak out against the cruelty they saw, only to find themselves alone and vulnerable with just the memories of those they lost. It is a call to action for all of us to speak up when we see injustice.

Open Edition Prints/$100-$120

Limited Edition Prints/$125-$150

Special Edition Prints/$347-$425

Fine Art Paper Prints12” x 15" Hahnemühle PhotoGloss Baryta-1/2" Extra Border Added Presentation Mat Folder - White - 4 ply

Framed Art Prints-

12” x 15" Hahnemühle Photo Gloss Baryta-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame:14” x 17"-Single Mat: Snow White-14” x 17" (window: 12” x 15”)

Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Premium Clear


Limited Edition Prints-Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Unframed. 


Framed Art Prints- 20 x 25" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame: Gallery Contemporary-Alto Black - Thin-23 x 28"-Bottom Mat: Snow White-23 x 28" (window: 20 x 25)-Top Mat: Off White-23 x 28" (window: 21 x 26")-Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control

Thick Stretched Canvas- 20 x 25" Silverada Metallic Canvas-Thick Stretched & Mounted Professional Taped Backing

Framed Canvas- 20 x 25"Silverada Metallic Canva Thick Stretched and Mounted/Frame: Gallery Float/Floater Black 2-20 x 25"