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Kathleen Ross| Dream

Kathleen Ross| Dream


Kathleen Ross. Dream. 2020Giclée Print. 

  • Open Edition Prints: Matted & Framed-10” x 8”
  • 100 Each Limited Edition Prints: Unframed-/20.4” x 25”
  • 50 Each Special Edition Prints: Framed Art Prints/ Thick Stretched Canvas/ Framed Canvas-16” x 20"

Dream references the hope and struggle for children in a racially polarized America. This image shows students celebrated at an award ceremony for high academic achievement who face a world that may or may not recognize their incredible potential.

Open Edition Prints/$105-$120

Limited Edition Prints/$260

Special Edition Prints/$315-$425

Fine Art Paper Prints-10” x 8" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Presentation Mat Folder - White - 4 ply

Framed Art Prints-

10” x 8" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame: Gallery Colors-Dark Blue-10.0 x 12.0"-Single Mat: Snow White

-12 x 10" (window: 10” x 8”)

Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Premium Clear

Limited Edition Prints-Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added Unframed. 

Framed Art Prints-20” x 16" Hahnemühle Photo Rag-1/2" Extra Border Added-Frame: Gallery Contemporary-Alto Black-Thin-24” x 20"-

Bottom Mat: Snow White-24 x 20" (window: 20 x 16)-Top Mat: Off White-24 x 20" (window: 22 x 18")-Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control

Thick Stretched Canvas- 20 x 16" Matte Canvas Thick Stretched & Mounted Professional Taped Backing

Framed Canvas-20 x 16" Matte Canvas Thick Stretched and Mounted/Frame: Gallery Float/Floater Black 2-20” x 16”