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Special Edition Print| Flower Power Girl

Special Edition Print| Flower Power Girl


Kathleen Ross. Flower Power Girl. 2020.
Framed Fine Art Paper Prints

  • 16 x 20" Hahnemühle Photo Rag
    • 1/2" Extra Border Added
  • Frame: Italian Prime
    • 3/4" Matte Black (G1310)
      • 20 x 24"
  • Bottom Mat: Dusty Pink (A4953)
    • 20 x 24" (window: 16 x 20")
  • Top Mat: Clove (A4836)
    • 20 x 24" (window: 17 x 21")
  • Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Conservation Reflection Control
  • Color Correction Services: No
  • Mfg #: 1-G1310-A4953-A4836-51187
  • Sku: AP64247P102367

Thick Stretched Canvas

  • 20 x 24" Matte Canvas
    • Thick Stretched & Mounted
    • Professional Taped Backing
  • Color Correction Services: No
  • Mfg #: 1
  • Sku: AP64247P102205

Framed Canvas

  • 17” x 22” Matte Canvas
    • Thick Stretched & Mounted
    • White Archival Backing & Wire Hanger
  • Frame: Gallery Float
    • Floater White 2 (324941)
  • Glazing (Acrylic Glass): None
  • Color Correction Services: No
  • Mfg #: 1-324941
  • Sku: AP64247P102366

Custom framed prints usually require 3-5 business days to complete.

Roses and gesture drawings brought about this work. I was working intently for some time on a difficult problem when I received an unexpected gift. I realized that I had been overwhelmed with work and the gift made me feel happy. That is when I made this artwork. The artwork portrays a female figure with blue hair, sunglasses, and a green dress, standing in a thicket of roses. The overlapping images allows some of the leaves and stems from the roses to create a texture on the dress and legs of the figure. The background is split vertically, to show a change in color combinations that contrast with the figure. This artwork really expresses a calm and happy moment: a moment of strength and creativity. In a world filled with strife, it’s very helpful to find moments of joy and I think this artwork conveys that feeling. I choose to create digital artwork because it is better for the environment. When a collector wants to purchase a piece, it can be printed as needed.