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Typography Chaos Beanie

Typography Chaos Beanie


The Typography Chaos Beanie Cap is a tribute to the long tradition of typography. From illuminated manuscripts to fonts we type into a document, there have always been people designing the letters in our lives. Life is so busy, it’s easy to miss the care and skill it takes to develop utilitarian tools, such as type font. The tiny sampling of letters used in this beanie cap illustrates the complexity of typography as well as its elegance. The monochrome color scheme pops with light blue accents for a cool effect.

Care instructions

Turn inside out before washing. Iron on the reverse of the printed side. 86°F wash. Low tumble heat. Do not wring. Low heat iron. Steam safe.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Wash at 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Do Not Wring
  • Low Heat
  • Steam Safe

Measure Yourself To Find The Right Size

  2XL: XS / kids S/M L/XL
60 - 63 cm
23.6 - 24.8 "
XS / kids
52 - 54 cm
20.5 - 21.2 "
54 - 57 cm
21.2 - 22.5 "
57 - 60 cm
22.5 - 23.6 "